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        Company Profile Production Base Video Center


        GYNH is a leading glass processing enterprise in China. Consisting of Guangdong Guangyao Glass Technology Co., Ltd. and Fujian Guangyao Glass Co., Ltd., it is an enterprise specialized in glass processing, trade, transportation and new product research. Guangdong Guangyao Glass Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988. The company has always adhered to the business purpose of "quality first, reputation first" and the management philosophy of "innovative operation, cost reduction, customer return, and development for me", growing from small to large. In 2003, the company purchased and merged the original automatic production line of magnetron sputtering coated glass of "Shantou Qiwei Glass Co., Ltd.". After being put into operation, the company gained a good reputation, and rapidly expanded to the production of coating, tempering, sandwich, hollow, bulletproof and other building safety products as well as glass deep processing technology products, gradually forming an intensive large-scale modern enterprise integrating sales, production, logistics, and warehousing. Xu Deli, the former vice governor of Guangdong Province, accompanied Rong Yiren, the former vice president of the country, to visit the coated glass products and gave high praise. In order to increase production and meet customer demand, Guangdong Guangyao Glass Technology Co., Ltd. established Fujian Guangyao Glass Co., Ltd. in Dongshan, Fujian in 2013.

        Founded in

        1988 year

        Production of glass

        20+ types

        Production workshop


        Since its establishment, Guangyao Glass has been awarded the title of "Guangdong Contract abiding and Promising Enterprise" since 2012, "Shantou Private Science and Technology Enterprise" in 2014, and the national high-tech enterprise in 2016 through the cultivation of high-tech enterprises.

        Guangyao glass can provide more than 20 types of glass products. The main products are tempered glass, laminated glass, insulating glass, coated glass, mirrors, frosted glass, bulletproof and fireproof glass, etc. Wholesale distribution of float glass, ultra white (low iron) glass and low radiation (Low-e) glass. The products are widely used in glass curtain walls, balcony railings, shower rooms, stairs, furniture, etc. Our products are not only popular in the domestic market, but also exported to Canada, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Australia, Thailand, India, Brazil and other countries and regions. Guangyao Group has always been customer-centric, adhering to the purpose of selection, fine plating and meticulous service.

        While actively exploring the market, Guangyao Glass constantly improves the quality of its employees to ensure the continuous improvement of product quality and management level. The company has passed the ISO9001: 2008 certification, and its products have passed the CCC certification in China, the SGCC certification in the United States, the CSI certification in Australia and the CE certification in Europe.

        With the arrival of a low-carbon economy and society, and the continuous internalization of the "people-oriented" management concept and the enterprise culture of "sharing a common destiny with employees" and "harmonious operation", Guangyao Glass will continue to innovate in the development of product functions such as safety, green environmental protection and energy conservation, add brilliance to modern buildings, and make more contributions to the creation of a livable environment for mankind.