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        Guangyao Glass attend The 29th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition
        2018-4-26View Count: 2319

         Guangyao Group (GYNH) is a glass processing enterprise in South China.Consisting of Fujian Guangyao Glass Co.,Ltd, Guangdong Guangyao Glass Co.,Ltd and Guangyao Nianhua (Xiamen) Glass Co.,Ltd. We are able to offer tempered glass, laminated glass and IG units for curtain walls, windows, doors, balcony railing, table tops and green houses etc., also mirrors, printed glass and acid etched glass for shower doors, furniture and screens ,moreover the float glass distribution.Now we have got ISO9001,CCC,SGCC,CIS and CE certificate.

        We attended the 29th China Glass Expo in Shanghai from April 19 to 22. Our booth is #E2-029.